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For almost three years, HeadHunter Recruitment has pushed to become a trusted resource for Hairdressing and Beauty businesses to advertise their job vacancies and connect business owners with the right candidates. In 2023, HeadHunter has moved to an exciting new and immersive platform to make the job advertising process, and the candidate job searching process, even more streamlined and effective, employing AI-powered recommendations algorithms.

Using performance-based advertising and AI recruitment, in addition to duration-based advertising (job boards), means your job ads are targeted at a larger yet more precise audience, wherever they might be hanging out online, taking a variety of factors into account, such as location, demographics, user behaviour and online activity.What does this mean for HeadHunter job advertisers? Recruiters posting on HeadHunter are now able to get more advertising in front of more quality candidates for their investment, due to advances in technology that we have invested in using artificial intelligence. With the move to AI recruitment globally, using HeadHunter, recruiters are now able to get their job ads beyond the job board and in front of the eyes of active and passive candidates looking for roles elsewhere online.

Not only will recruiters have a consistent job board ad presence, their ads will now also have organic redistribution to increase eyes and clicks on the posting and ultimately, reach a more diverse audience, with reduced cost.